BBL Hero By Sciton


A BBL treatment by Sciton has many different options to treat several things and is not just for the face but the body as well. With the BBL Hero we can treat benign pigmented lesions, dyschromia, age/sunspots, vascular lesions, rosacea, cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, acne, and hair reduction for all skin types. Plus, the wonderful thing is that most treatments can be combined so that we may address all skin concerns in a single treatment. The BBL Hero treatment is fast, effective and with minimal to low downtime. With the Forever Clear, we can destroy the acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness to make way for clearer looking skin. This is a great alternative to expensive topicals and medicine with undesired side effects. The Forever Clear is a non-invasive treatment to treat acne and requires multiple treatments every 2 weeks. With the BBL Hero we have the option to help improve the appearance of lax, sagging skin with the addition of the BBL SkinTyte. SkinTyte can be done alone or in combination with the BBL Hero treatment. SkinTyte uses infra-red light to heat dermal collagen. In doing so, the treatment uses your own body’s natural healing process to create a more youthful appearance. This treatment is both safe and effective with no downtime, multiple treatments required, and no numbing needed.